This unique shutter is          1 3/4" thick with slats flush to the face of the shutter.  I was sent out to a job to design this and the customer was thrilled.  I can do this for you too!!!

An interesting hybrid of our SH-1101 frame with SH-1110 bullnose slats.  Notice the bordering detail that then becomes a bullnose slat panel.  It makes a beautiful statement!!

Go into most any Home Depot store in Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana and you can find our Cedar Louver Vents displayed in this manner.  You can also place any special order for us through Home Depot as well as purchase our products on line at

This unusual shutter demonstrtes the flexibility we have when determining the width of slats on your shutter.  This unit is constructed just like our SH-1110 but the slats are 2 1/2" wide.  Makes for a stunning look!!!

Here is an example of a flat panel shutter.  Notice the crisp lines between the side rails and the panels.  It can be a part of a modern look but can also be rustic if you use the right hardware.  Just another example of how our skilled craftsmen can create whatever look you are trying to achieve.

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!