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Other Products

Access Panels

Constructed with high quality MDF, our access panels can be made in any size or shape specified. We also have options for insulated doors, lockable doors, and molding. They are perfect for quick access to gas or water cut offs or use them for attic access. These panels come ready to paint and install.  


Door Vents

Door vents help to maintain a stable interior environment by allowing air crossflow through rooms. They can improve indoor air quality by providing proper circulation to avoid trapped contaminants. Germs, chemicals, and odors can remain in stagnant air. Improving air circulation can also alleviate hot and cold spots and improve heating and cooling efficiency by creating a more uniform environment.


Our floating mantles can add a great design element to any living space.

Soffit Vents

Planter Boxes

Used alone or combined with corbels, our planter boxes dress up your exterior for added curb appeal.

MDF Brackets

MDF brackets can be used for shelving in closets, pantries or anywhere storage is needed. 

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